Hiking Havasu Falls – Day 1

Hiking Havasu Falls begins at the Hilltop trailhead. The trail descends into Hualapai Canyon, follows Havasu Creek to Supai and then to Havasupai Campground

Havasu Falls Reservation Review

Want to see the six amazing blueish-green waterfalls in the Grand Canyon? First, you need a Havasu Falls reservation. Here are the tips for success.

The Havasu Falls Guide

This complete Havasu Falls guide is a journey into the Grand Canyon. Getting a Havasupai reservation, gear, the campground, and all the amazing waterfalls.

Dinosaur Bone Wall in Dinosaur National Monument

There is a place where a person can step back in time to see the bones of long-extinct creatures. This magical place is aptly named Dinosaur National Monument. Many fossils of dinosaurs were excavated here and have made their way to many of our nation’s best museums. The most amazing part is that fossils remain here…

Hiking the Zion Narrows Guide – The Top-Down

Hiking The Zion Narrows Guide, a 16-mile slot canyon carved out by the North Fork of the Utah Virgin River. This amazing trail is perhaps the greatest single overnight hike in the world. It is certainly an epic experience I will never forget. There are few places in the world where humans can venture 1,300′…