Coronet Creek Trail – Best Canadian Rockies Day Hikes

#16 – Canadian Rockies Day Hikes: Coronet Creek Trail

16 - Coronet Creek Trail
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  • Location: Jasper National Park
  • Trailhead: Coronet Creek Campground (South end of Maligne Lake)
  • Type: Out-n-Back
  • Rating: Moderately-Difficult
  • Total Distance: 10 miles
  • Trailhead Elevation: 5,560′
  • Total Elevation Gain: 1,141′
  • Recommended Time: Full day
  • Recommended Season: Early-July to Late-September

The Most Remote Day Hike

When we go hiking we prefer seclusion. I appreciate that more and more people are reconnecting with nature and still highly encourage that for others. On a whole, the human race is far too removed from the world we inhabit. However, some outdoor areas are just crowded and the Canadian Rockies definitely have those places in spades. If you are like us and are looking for one of the most remote and secluded day hikes in all of the Canadian Rockies, Coronet Creek Trail is it. The trail, sometimes also referred to as the Henry Macleod Trail, is a beautiful hike through evergreen forest and along a creekbed to an open wash area on the Coronet Creek just beyond the Macleod Backcountry Campsite. The final viewpoint looks out on several glaciers clinging to the mountain peaks above.

Coronet Creek Viewpoint
Jennifer takes in the view from the end of the Coronet Creek Trail.

The Challenges of Getting to the Trailhead

Coronet Creek Dock
The trailhead for the Coronet Creek Trail is here at the Coronet Creek Campground Dock. However, this is on the far side of the nearly 14-mile long Maligne Lake.

This, however, is one of the most difficult trails to do as a standalone day hike because of how you have to get there. It requires an electric motorboat and crossing the nearly 14-mile long Maligne Lake before even setting foot on the 10-mile hike. This adventure is best done as a day hike from the Coronet Creek Backcountry Campground. This would be a side trip added onto a multi-day kayaking excursion on the largest lake in the Canadian Rockies, Maligne Lake. However, if you own an electric-powered boat or fancy renting one then this remote trail is most likely one you can call all your own for the day.

Coronet Creek Trail
The Coronet Creek Trail starts from the already remote Coronet Creek Backcountry Campground.

Be Prepared

Make sure you are prepared for this remote trail. We didn’t see another human on the entire trail. If an accident does occur help is a long way off. Carry plenty of water, a first-aid kit, and bear spray! Fewer humans mean more wildlife and we not only saw a lot of bear scat we came across a mother grizzly with her two cubs. Luckily, they were on the other side of the creek and she didn’t see us as a threat. But, we had our bear spray in hand and ready just in case she changed her mind.

Coronet Grizzly
A grizzly cub bounces up a hillside as it chases after its mother.

Coronet Creek Trail

There are no shortages of amazing trails in the Canadian Rockies that explore the mountain landscape and the Coronet Creek Trail is one of them. What sets this trail apart is its seclusion. There is no other place in the Canadian Rockies where you can have such a beautiful trail all to yourself. Come prepared and this might become your favorite day hike in the Canadian Rockies.

Coronet Creek
The Coronet Creek rages through a small canyon as it flows towards Maligne Lake.

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Coronet Glacier
The Coronet Creek rushes down from the Coronet Glacier as it descends through the Canadian Rocky landscape.

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