Hargreaves Lake & Toboggan Falls Loop – Berg Lake Day Hike

Mount Robson Hiker
Jennifer stands on the Hargreaves Overlook in front of Mount Robson.

The Hargreaves Lake & Toboggan Falls Loop in Canada’s Mount Robson Provincial Park is best accessed as a day hike from one of the backcountry campsites on the Berg Lake Trail. Given the distance and elevation gain acquired we recommend this as a hike from one of the campsites between the Emporer Falls Campground and the Robson Pass Campground. This hike could also be added to a heli-hike of Berg Lake but would push that from a 14-mile journey to one 17-miles long. Check out our Berg Lake post for more details on the best backpacking trips in the Canadian Rockies.

Hargreaves Lake & Toboggan Falls Loop Stats

Berg Lake Trail Guide Map
  • Trailhead: Berg Lake
  • Location: Mount Robson Provincial Park
  • Type: Loop
  • Distance: 4-miles (From Berg Lake Campground)
  • Total Elevation Gain: 1,195′ (From Berg Lake Campground)
  • Rating: Difficult
  • Time: 2 hours
  • Best Time of Day: Late Evening or Early Morning

Hiking Report

After a late lunch at Berg Lake, we headed down the Berg Lake Trail to the junction for Hargreaves Lake located about a mile from the campground. We hiked the Hargreaves Lake & Toboggan Falls loop in a clockwise direction but would recommend it being traveled counterclockwise. This will ensure that the majority of the views are the direction in which you are hiking.

Mount Robson Landscape
The Mount Robson and Berg Lake landscape as seen from the climb to the Hargreaves Lake overlook.

Overlooking the Berg Lake Landscape

Mist Lake and Glacier
The path that leads to the Hargreaves Lake Overlook is the best place to see the moraine that divides Berg and Mist Lakes.

From the lake, it is a quick 800’ ascent in about 3/4 of a mile up the mountainside to the junction where the trail spurs to go to the Hargreaves Lake and Glacier overlook. On the way up to the junction, we found ever-increasingly beautiful views of Berg Lake and Mist Lake, as well as the two glaciers and the moraine that separates them. The whole landscape from this high vantage is simply stunning.

Ascent to the Hargreaves Lake Overlook

Hargreaves Lake & Glacier
From the Hargreaves Lake Overlook hikers get a bird’s eye view of the Hargreaves Lake and glacier.

The final push up to the overlook is another 75’ climb up the rocky terrain to the top of the outcropping (6,323’). From the top the view, not only of Hargreaves Lake below but the glacier beyond as well as the entire Mount Robson terrain, spreads out on all sides. This is simply an amazing spot in the wilderness and well worth the grueling climb to get there.

Mumm Basin & Cave Trails Junction

The path towards Toboggan Falls at first continues the steep climb through the rocky terrain before moderating, entering a forest and topping out at 6,420 feet. The path then starts a gradual descent to the Mumm Basin & Cave trails junction (both closed due to rock slides) at just over 3-miles from where we set off from the Berg Lake Campground.

Toboggan Falls Trail

Top of Toboggan Falls
Toboggan Falls is a collection of several waterfalls that rush down the mountainside but at the very top lies this split falls.

Leaving the junction, we descended the Toboggan Falls Trail where we quickly came upon a bench overlooking the Mount Robson terrain. We sat down for a while and enjoyed the view as the afternoon clouds rolled in before continuing the steep 800’ descent.

Toboggan Falls

Toboggan Falls Run
The water of Toboggan Falls streams down a massive slab of rock in four racing columns.

The remainder of the descent follows the flow of Toboggan Falls which is a series of cascading waterfalls. At times, the falls race down the mountain like a bobsled track. Closer towards the bottom there are four columns of water careening down the flat rock face at a 45-degree angle. “Toboggan Falls” is an appropriate name for this wonderfully unique flow of water. It is extremely hard to photograph in a way that captures the grandeur of the scene.

Berg Lake Campground

Hargreaves Lake & Toboggan Falls Loop
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At 4-miles on this loop, we arrived back at the Berg Lake Campground having experienced more of the wonder that the Mount Robson wilderness holds on our Berg Lake adventure. The rushing water of Toboggan Falls and the epic overlooks found near Hargreaves Lake make this a beautiful day hike that anyone backpacking to the Berg Lake area should enjoy.

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  1. Randi says:

    Great post! How far would you say toboggan falls is from berg lake ?!

    1. NomadicMoments says:

      Thanks and good question. Toboggan Falls is a long series of cascading falls so it is hard to pinpoint a distance. It is less than half-a-mile (one-way) to the very top from the campground.

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