Savannas Recreation Area Guide

A creek lined with palm trees inside the Savannas Recreation Area
A creek lines the access road as you enter the Savannas Recreational Area.

The Savannas Recreation Area is a surprise camping oasis located on the Atlantic coast of Florida. Not to be confused with the state park just to the south. The recreation area is mostly a campground and a swamp. Visitors can come for the day or stay for a few months depending on what you are looking for.

Savannas Recreation Area Campground

The campground is fairly nice with the slots providing full hookups for RVers. The campground has bathrooms, laundry facilities, fire rings, and a dog park. Visitors can rent canoes from the office and explore the swampy landscape.  


The Wildlife

The highlight at the Savanna Recreation Area is the wildlife and the wildlife is abundant. Almost every bird that calls Florida home can be seen in the campground area and in abundance. Visitors can experience more wildlife by getting into a canoe and exploring the surrounding waters or by taking one of several short hikes around the grounds.

The Gopher Loop

A Gopher Tortoise found inside the Savannas Recreation Area
The Gopher Tortoise.

One of those hikes is a short loop near the gate. This is the land of the gopher tortoise. These turtles burrow their way into the sandy ground where they make their home and thus the name gopher. On this small loop, we saw no less than a dozen gopher tortoise holes and four turtles either in their burrows or adjacent to them. A unique fact about the gopher tortoise – they pretty much can’t swim.

The Concrete Gator Path

A group of baby Alligators on mossy soil inside the Savannas Recreation Area
These four baby alligators or hatchlings were among twenty-two others that we found off the concrete path in the Savannas Recreational Area.

Another of the trails is a concrete path that leads north out of the campground. This path follows the edge of a neighborhood on one side and the swampy marsh on the other. The houses disappear after a short distance and the path is left elevated above swampy earth on both sides. Birds flourish in this area as well as turtles and the occasional alligator. Occasional that is until we stumbled upon an alligator nursery with no less than twenty-two baby gators. It was a thrilling experience although one tinged with the uncertainty of not knowing where mama was or when she might abruptly reveal herself. Luckily that never happened and we thoroughly enjoyed getting to see the tiny reptiles relatively close up.


A small alligator laying on a tree root.
A baby alligator rests on a tree root in the swampy conditions found at the Savannas Recreational Area in Florida.

The Savanna Recreation Area is a great place to set up an RV or a tent and call it home for a few days or months to experience Florida’s natural wildlife.

Savannas Recreation Area Details

A swampy waterway in the Savannas Recreation Area
The swampy water of the Savannas Recreational Area is an oasis for wildlife on the Atlantic coast of Florida.
  • Cost: Varies depending on the time of year. Click here for details.
  • Gate Hours: sunrise to sunset
  • Canoe Rental: Yes. Click here for details.
  • Miles of Trail: 2 miles total
  • Fishing: Yes
  • Bathrooms: Yes
  • Hot-showers: Yes
  • Laundry Facility: Yes
  • Cell Coverage: Yes
  • Wifi: Yes but limited
  • Camping reservations are recommended, but they can’t be made online. Call ahead. (772) 464-7855

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