Twin Falls Loop Trail – Best Canadian Rockies Day Hikes

#11 – Canadian Rockies Day Hikes: Twin Falls Loop Trail & Marpole Lake Connector

Twin Falls Loop Trail
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  • Location: Yoho National Park
  • Trailhead: Takakkaw Falls
  • Type: Lollypop Loop (Partial Out-n-Back with Loop)
  • Rating: Moderately-Difficult
  • Total Distance: 10 miles
  • Trailhead Elevation: 4,940′
  • Total Elevation Gain: 995′
  • Recommended Time: Full-day
  • Recommended Season: Late-May to Late-September

A Path Laden with Waterfalls

Point Lace Falls
Point Lace Falls is one of the many waterfalls awaiting those who venture out on the Twin Falls Loop Trail.

A journey on the Twin Falls Loop in Yoho National Park is a waterfall lover’s dream. The adventure starts at the base of the 992’ Takakkaw Falls, the second-highest continuous waterfall in Canada. Then, it climbs through the Yoho Valley up to Point Lace Falls, Angel’s Staircase Falls, Laughing Falls and finally to the stunningly unique Twin Falls.

Twin Falls Trail

The path to the first two waterfalls is nearly flat, followed by a short but steep section gaining about 250′ in just over a quarter of a mile. After that, the path to Laughing Falls is a moderately easy trek through the woods. The path remains a very moderately easy trek until the last 2.5 miles. This is where the majority of the elevation is gained as the trail ascends past the Twin Falls Campground (not close to the waterfall) and then past the Twin Falls Tea House (much closer to the falls). Finally arriving at the spectacular waterfall.

Twin Falls Creek
Twin Falls Creek rages through a small canyon just above the Twin Falls Campground.

Twin Falls

Twin Falls
The magnificent Twin Falls plunges 250′ from the cliff above.

The Twin Falls Creek is split in half as it careens over the 260’ cliff creating the beautifully symmetrical Twin Falls formation. This is an amazing waterfall. We found the beauty of it even more compelling than Takakkaw Falls.

Finishing the Twin Falls Loop

Twin Falls Trail Map
A map of the Twin Falls Loop Trail.

Make a loop out of the journey by hiking back on the Marpole Connector past Marpole Lake. Add in Duchesnay Lake as well. Despite the distance and elevation gain, the majority of the Twin Falls Loop feels very moderate with only the occasional steep section. It takes the better part of a full day to hike the entire trail but it is an amazing day full of stunning waterfalls, rivers, lakes and surrounding mountains.

Laughing Falls

Laughing Falls
Laughing Falls is one of the nicer waterfalls in Yoho National Park and it has a backcountry campground very close to the waterfall.

If the full journey is too daunting we suggest taking the path to Laughing Falls. This is a beautiful waterfall that is very easy to access. The path is long but mostly flat and wide with only one section being moderately steep. If located anywhere else, Laughing Falls would be a top destination unto itself.

Beyond Twin Falls

If you arrive at the base of Twin Falls and have enough energy and daylight you can also venture to the top of the waterfall or head up and over the mountain ridge known as the Whaleback. The Whaleback Trail is a beautiful hike but it is strenuous as it adds over 1300′ of elevation gain and about 4 miles to the journey. It can be added as a different loop bypassing Marpole Lake and returning to the Yoho Valley at Laughing Falls. Another option is, of course, to camp at one of the campsites at the Laughing Falls or Twin Falls campgrounds. Take on the Whaleback the second day to make this into a Canadian backcountry adventure.

Yoho Above Twin Falls
The view of the Twin Falls Creek as it plunges over the cliff creating Twin Falls.

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