World’s Largest Small Town- Casey, Illinois

Big Things Yard Stick
The giant yard stick in World’s largest small town – Casey, Illinois.

For decades now small towns all across America have been slowly dying as commerce and people leave for bigger cities. The mid-western town of Casey, Illinois was no different. Until a man named Jim Bolin had a dream of bigger things for his small town. He set out in 2011 to fill his town with Guinness World Record holders in the hope that these big things would bring people to his small town. In 2021, Casey is home to eleven World record-holders making it a small town full of really big things. Exploring the World’s largest small town is a fun way to spend a day in the heartland of Illinois.

The World’s Largest Small Town – Top 7

Big Birdcage
This birdcage in Casey, Illinois may not be the World’s largest but it is still big.
  1. Wind Chimes
  2. Rocking Chair
  3. Mailbox
  4. Teeter-Totter
  5. Wooden Shoes
  6. Golf Tee & Driver
  7. Pitchfork

Use this google interactive map to find the World records in the World’s largest small town. You can also stop into one of the many shops when you arrive in Casey and pick up one of the town’s maps of big things.

1) World’s Largest Wind Chimes

World's Largest Wind Chimes
The World’s largest wind chimes located in Casey, Illinois.

In December of 2011, the 54 foot tall Wind Chimes were constructed next to the Whitling Whimsy Cafe. The supporting structure for the chimes is decorated with massive religious symbols and a Bible verse. This set a pattern that the rest of the town’s record-holders would follow. It shows off the best of Casey with a Bible verse accompanying every big thing. Being the first, it is appropriate that Romans 1:16 was chosen for the wind chimes. “For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes.”

2) World’s Largest Rocking Chair

World's Largest Rocking Chair
The Dove of Peace is etched into the backrest of the World’s largest rocking chair.

Upon seeing the massive 56-foot tall rocking chair towering over the small town of Casey, I immediately was left wondering, “does it rock?” There are signs requesting that visitors not climb on the chair so alas I was not able to relax on the porched-sized chair sipping on an iced tea. I was a bit heartbroken by this realization. If anyone from the town is reading this, please read this as a desired suggestion. I was pleased to learn that according to the town’s website in order to take the Guinness title, the chair did indeed rock. It was a herculean effort that required ten men to rock the 46,200-pound chair.

Highlighted verse: “I have told you these things so that in Me you may have peace.” -John 16:33

3) World’s Largest Mailbox

Many of the big things in Casey are surprisingly interactive. But perhaps none so much as the World’s largest mailbox. This fully functional mailbox can not only open and close; the flag raises too. You can even mail a postcard from inside the 30′ tall structure. Visitors can climb up the inside of the post on a winding staircase to the deck of the mailbox and enjoy elevated views of Casey’s main street. As you enter the mailbox notice the timely inscription on the entrance: “You yourselves are our letter, written not with ink but with the Spirit of the living God, not on tablets of stone but on tablets of human hearts.” -Corinthians 3:2.

World's Largest Small Town Mailbox
The World’s largest mailbox in Casey, Illinois.

4) World’s Largest Teeter-Totter

World's Largest Teeter-Totter
The World’s largest teeter-totter in Casey, Illinois.

At 82′ in length, the World’s Largest teeter-tooter looks like a railroad track to nowhere. However, this massive seesaw is for children and adults alike to enjoy. The giant balance shifts easily as you walk from one side to the other. To experience this world wonder first-hand, you must visit the World’s largest small town on a Saturday during the “tourism season.”

5) World’s Largest Wooden Shoes

You would think someplace in the Netherlands would house the World’s largest pair of wooden shoes. However, that title goes to the Wildflour Bakery & Candy Company in the heart of Casey, Illinois. At 7’1″ tall, Shaq wears a 15″ size shoe. Using the Shaq shoe to height ratio, a colossus needing these 11′ 5″ long wooden shoes would be just shy of 64′ tall. Each clog weighs in at an astonishing 2500lbs. Even though these shoes do not protect the soles of a giant they are being used to feed the poor. They are a type of wishing well where the money is collected and donated to the local food pantry.

World's Largest Wooden Shoes
The World’s largest wooden shoes with Ephesians 6:14-15 on them.

6) World’s Largest Golf Tee & Driver

In Casey, the 64′ tall colossus could trade in his clogs for golf shoes and tee off at the local country club. Measuring in at 45 feet long and located in downtown, the town even supplies the World’s longest driver as well. The giant would only need to find a golf ball to sit atop the 30-foot high tee. Maybe that will be the next big thing to be added in Casey.

World's Largest Small Town Golf Tee
The World’s largest golf tee has 1 Peter 4:8-11 displayed on the metal holder.

7) World’s Largest Pitch Fork

Before leaving the World’s largest small town don’t miss out on stopping by the Richard’s Farm Restaurant. This might be the best restaurant in Casey but it also home to the World’s largest pitchfork. Weighing in at 1,940 pounds and with a length of 60 feet, this is a massive farm tool.

World's Largest Small Town Pitchfork
Careful not to trip and impale yourself while visiting the World’s largest pitchfork.

Other Guinness World Records

Casey is also home to the world’s largest Swizzle Spoon (11′ 8.5″), Barber’s Pole (14′ 7″), and Key (28′ 2″). These record holders are worth a gander as well while you explore the best of Casey.

Other Big Things in the World’s Largest Small Town

Big Spinning Top
Jennifer spins the giant top in Casey, Illinois.

In addition to the town’s world record holders, it is also home to many other big things. There are eighteen larger items that are fun to find while exploring Casey. Amongst these big things, don’t miss sitting in the human-sized Bird Cage or seeing the Rocking Horse, mousetrap, pokemon ball, and spinning top.

A) Wooden Token
b) Antlers
C) Pizza Slice
D) Toy Airplane
E) Puzzle (Twisted Nails)
F) Ear of Corn
G) Rocking Horse
H) Yardstick
I) Knitting Needles & Crochet Hook
(Were a World Record Holder from 2013-2017)
J) Bookworm
K) Mousetrap
L) Pencil
M) Pokemon Ball
N) Birdcage
O) Minion
P) Spinning Top
Q) Baseball Bat

The World’s Largest Small Town

World's Largest Small Town Cover
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There is something very American about walking down Main Street with a map, looking for oversized objects on a type of adult scavenger hunt. It sounds crazy but it is a lot of fun. After spending a few hours of exploring and learning about this quaint small town you will find yourself rooting for them. The shops have unique items that are very reasonably priced. I look forward to returning to see what other big things this small town creates and how the World’s largest small town continues to get even better.

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