MaxXfan Review – The Best Fan for Full-Time Travelers

The Hood Crank on the MaxXfan
The MaxXfan Deluxe has an easy to use crank for raising and lowering the rain hood.

The MaxXfan Deluxe by MaxXair is the best ceiling fan for full-time nomadic travelers and we write this MaxXfan review as a resource for the community. This fan comes standard with a built-in rain hood that keeps the weather out and lowers into a streamline position when ready for travel. It has 10-speeds and a programmable thermostat to automatically turn on and off. The fan is easy to clean with a removable insect screen. All this and it fits into a standard 14″ x 14″ opening so it can easily replace those less functional factory fans or vents. I even found that its power consumption is comparable if not better at times than the factory fan.

MaxXfan Review

Why Change the Factory Vent

The Palomino Bronco 1500 ceiling vent.
The vent that came pre-installed in our Palomino Bronco 1500.

A big renovation project to get our Palomino Bronco 1500 camper ready for full-time nomadic life was to replace the hard flip-up section of our back wall. One of the primary reasons for doing so was to be able to use our fan to create suction. This suction pulls the canvas sides into the camper as the roof drops when we are preparing to leave camp. The factory fan is located over the bed making it nearly impossible to use for this purpose as the roof was too low to turn the fan off once the roof had dropped into place. This was the primary reason we choose to replace the vent only opening over our central living area with a new fan and we hit the jackpot with the MaxXfan Deluxe.

The MaxXfan Review – Useful when Cooking

Another big reason for us doing this was to pull air out of the camper when cooking. The MaxXfan Deluxe is installed above our central living area including the kitchen. This has made a big difference in venting the steam that we create when cooking on our range. We can even use the setting that pushes air into the camper to plow the smoke out the window adjacent to the cooking range.

MaxXfan Review - The Rain Hood
The built-in rain hood on the MaxXfan allows us to keep the fan going even in adverse weather conditions.

We picked the MaxXfan Deluxe because of its ability to be open rain or shine. The fact that on hot rainy days we can keep some airflow going throughout our truck camper is a huge win. Even if the rain starts coming in sideways and we are forced to close down the vent, the fan will continue to run. Most fans will not operate when the lids are closed.

Defuses Direct Sunlight

I unexpectedly realized that the hood that keeps out the rain also keeps out the sun which is very nice. Jennifer is a redhead and has very fair skin. She burns easy so while the vent we had was great for letting air pass through the cabin it also let the sun in and Jennifer had to make sure she wasn’t in the path of the sun’s rays. With the MaxXfan’s hood, no direct sunlight finds its way into our living area. The white lid we have does a great job of defusing the light so we still get the illumination. It just isn’t direct.

Push & Pull Directionality

The controls of the MaxXfan
The easy to use controls on the MaxXfan Deluxe.

Another unexpected advantage of the MaxXfan Deluxe is the ability to pull air into the camper as well as pushing it out. To switch this setting it is a very easy one button push. Our factory fan above our bed can only push air out. When I set the MaxXfan Deluxe to the position for pulling air in, and also turn on the fan above our bed it creates a nice circular flow across our bed. Even on a fairly hot day, we can stay cool.

The Thermostat Function

I really like the thermostat option on this fan. It can be a little difficult to program to anything other than the factory’s 78-degree temperature, but even with that standard, it is nice to be able to fall asleep with the fan on at night and have it turn off as the outside temperature drops.  I just wish the LED light was able to be turned off for this function. The green LED is very bright.

MaxXfan Review – Concerns Prior to Purchase

My biggest concern when I decided to upgrade to the MaxXfan Deluxe was how difficult it would be to install. I was pleasantly surprised when I was able to complete the removal of the old vent and the install of the MaxXfan by myself in less than a day. Click here to check out that install.

Power Consumption

My second concern was if it would draw to much power with all the extra bells and whistles on the MaxXfan Deluxe. The fan has a total of 10-speed settings. At it’s highest setting the MaxXfan pulls 2.4A which was exactly the same as our old factory fan and the speed was very comparable. At its lowest setting which was slightly slower than the factory fan it only draws 0.2A. The factory fan’s lowest setting pulled 1.2A and, at a more comparable speed, the MaxXfan pulls 1A.

The Height of the Rain Hood

MaxXfan Review of the installation height
When the rain hood is in the down position it only sits about 3.5″ above the roof.

Some might be concerned about how high the fan’s rain cover sits above the roof. When in it’s in the down position it only rises about 3.25″ above the rest of the roof and only 8″ in its raised position. We have solar panels so the potential shadow was a concern, but we mounted the solar on the edges of our roof and the 8″ raised position only casts a shadow on them in the very early hours of the morning when we aren’t getting much power anyways.

MaxXfan Review – Cleaning is a Breeze

The allen bolt used to release the fan blade
Remove this allen bolt on the MaxXfan blade to easily remove and clean the unit.

We use our MaxXfan Deluxe fan almost non-stop. It sucks grease-filled smoke out of our truck camper from the cooking range. We have run it in the pollen-filled areas of the southeast and the dry dusty deserts of the southwest. As a result, the fan and hood get very dirty. The bug screen is easily removed via four latches. The fan blade can then be lowered by loosening one 3/32″ Allen Bolt. This gives us full access to the hood and fan’s housing to thoroughly clean every inch from inside the camper. No need to climb on the roof.

Regrets About the MaxXfan Deluxe

My only regret with purchasing the MaxXfan Deluxe is that I didn’t go ahead and buy two in order to replace the old factory fan above the bed. After about 6 months of full-time life on the road, the factory fan bit the dust.

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Purchasing the MaxXfan Deluxe

MaxXfan Deluxe Review
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When purchasing the MaxXfan Deluxe there are three models to choose from. This MaxXfan review has been about the middle-class model. The base model only has 4 speeds and is exhaust (pushes air out) only so I wouldn’t recommend that one.  The high-class model adds an electric motor and remote control which can be used for operating the fan remotely. This looks like a cool feature for larger RVs. All three classes come in white or smoke (black) finishes.

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