Petrified Forest Camping & Backpacking

The sound of my alarm going off jolted me awake. I unzipped my sleeping bag and crawled out into the brisk night air. Only a day earlier we had realized that the Petrified Forest allowed wilderness camping. Now, here I was crawling out of my tent and into one of the darkest skies in North America….

Fifty Foot Falls – Journey to Havasu

Don’t miss exploring Rock Falls and the hidden oasis of Fifty Foot Falls when visiting the Havasupai Campground and the other waterfalls of Havasu Creek.

Havasupai Campground – Journey to Havasu

The Havasupai campground is seemingly always full as on any given day only a third of the campers are leaving and being replaced with new campers. The challenge is to find a spot that gives your neighbor at least a little bit of breathing room. The campground is just over a mile long and camping…