Dry Tortugas Guide – Florida’s Remote National Park

There are many reasons to visit Florida’s most remote National Park—Dry Tortugas. They include a storied history that dates back to 1513, an abundance of birds and sea life, and really dark skies. You can read all about the Top 9 reasons to visit Dry Tortugas on our website. While there are many things to…

Visiting Dry Tortugas – Top 9 Reasons

For many the 106-mile journey down the world-renowned Overseas Highway on the southern tip of Florida is an adventure that ends in Key West. However, for those looking for more seclusion and adventure, we suggest continuing west for another 70 miles. You’ll find a small cluster of seven islands known as the Dry Tortugas. These…

Free Camping in Florida

There are many options for cheap or even free camping in Florida. Experience much of the Florida’s natural wilderness areas while boondocking in your camper.

Savannas Recreation Area Guide

The Savannas Recreation Area is a camping oasis. Alligators, turtles, sandhill cranes, egrets, ibis, anhinga and many other Florida birds are found here.