Hiking the Sky Rim Trail Report – Yellowstone National Park

Hiking the Sky Rim Trail in Yellowstone National Park is a grueling journey across the very top of the most legendary park in the world. Tucked in the northwest corner this trail traverses the border with the Gallatin National Forest and literally hugs the very top of the 9,000′ Gallatin Mountain Range for eight miles….

Backpacking the Sky Rim Trail in Yellowstone National Park Guide

Yellowstone National Park is a massive wilderness landscape with geysers, hot springs, thermal pools, waterfalls, massive wild creatures, and even mountains. While it isn’t known for being a backpacking mecca it has over 900 miles of backcountry trails. The most challenging of which is a nearly 23.5-mile journey backpacking the Sky Rim Trail. We’ve hiked…

Best Overlooks in Badlands National Park – Top 9

Badlands National Park is a wonderful and colorful eroded landscape. While the park has much to offer for outdoor enthusiasts some of the most scenic spots are found while driving the Badlands Loop Road through the heart of the park. This amazing road cuts through the Badlands Wall, dropping into the valley below, and climbing…

Best of the Black Hills – Top 9 Must Visit Places

Most people overlook South Dakota when it comes to choosing their bucket list destinations. But with giant-sized works of art, massive caves, and beautiful mountains, canyons, and waterfalls the Black Hills are a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. The Black Hills were shaped by an enormous uplift from volcanic-like forces and carved by wind and rain….

Hiking the Yellowstone River Trail

When you think Yellowstone National Park, you probably immediately envision geyser basins, and herds of bison. While there is nothing wrong with that there is so much more to this amazing, massive park. Hiking the Yellowstone River Trail as it flows from Tower Junction out of the northwest corner of the park is a great…