Backpacking Mirror Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park

As I lay in my sleeping bag watching the large pieces of hail pelt the rain cover of our tent and smash into the poles with metallic pings that resembled rapid gunfire, I wondered how much the thin material could take. It had been hours since the heavy rainfall had started. Along with the explosive…

Thunder Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park + Lake of Many Winds

As Rocky Mountain National Park trails go the path up to Thunder Lake is middle of the road in difficulty. RMNP typically shells out some of the most strenuous terrain around but it also has some of the most picturesque landscapes in the lower 48 states. Hiking Thunder Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park is…

Backpacking Bluebird Lake in RMNP

Backpacking Bluebird Lake trail in the Wild Basin Area of RMNP includes Ouzel Falls, Ouzel Lake and reflections of jagged Ouzel Peak in the alpine waters.

Upper Ouzel Creek Campsite

Rocky Mountain National Park’s Upper Ouzel Creek campsite is remote, rugged and beautiful. It is the closest backcountry site to Bluebird Lake & Ouzel Peak.