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We are often asked how people can best help support us at Nomadic Moments. Our hope is that the content on this site inspires readers to rethink what is possible in this life and that you would share these adventures with others through your social networks.

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You can purchase one of our prints through FineArtAmerica. We have selected several of our favorite photos which you can have printed for your wall, on a t-shirt, phone case, coffee mug, or many other items. Check it out and if there is a photo you would like for us to add leave us a request in the comment section on any page.

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We are so excited to be an affiliate marketer for both REI and Backcountry and REI are great places to get the best gear for your next adventure. If you use the links on this website to purchase your gear we will receive a small commission and there is no increased cost to you.

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We are also blessed to partner with Amazon and are happy to endorse many of the products we use and love. Those products can also be purchased through the links found throughout this website.

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